Cura Personalis

Cura Personalis’ – Caring for the Individual

Jesuit education, as expressed through The Characteristics of Jesuit Education, sees the human person, understood in the context of his eternal destiny, as the central focus of the enterprise and insists on individual care and concern for each one (cura personalis).

Relationships and pastoral structures reflect this focus. Through the curriculum, co-curricular activities and the environment of the school, our mission is to help each student to grow holistically learning to think for himself, and to lay the foundations for life-long growth, liberated from ignorance and the other forces, which inhibit growth,

In this context Jesuit education invites each student on to their unique journey of personal, moral and spiritual development. Our aim is to help the students develop their diverse competencies, to find their own ‘voice’, and so become, ever more fully, their unique selves.