History is taught to Junior and Leaving Cert in Clongowes as well as in Transition Year. The fundamental aim of the History Department is to nurture the intellectual, emotional and imaginative growth of the students. By developing the student’s competencies and skills in research, source analysis and evaluation it is envisaged that they will acquire an interest in and appreciation for their family, local and national history.

Students examine a diverse range of historical periods and events encompassing Irish, European and World history. At Leaving Certificate History students research an individual topic focusing on a period or event in history, which they find stimulating. The research essay is worth up to 20% of the Leaving Cert History grade. Students of History in Clongowes perform well in public exams and our Leaving Certificate History results far outpace the national average.

Attending Clongowes places the student in a historically rich environment, and by studying History it is hoped every student will become sensitive and receptive to that which is all around them. With this in mind, students in Transition Year study the history of both the college and the Jesuit mission in Ireland since 1814.