French is a modern language widely spoken in the world by in excess of 250 million people and is also mainly used in diplomacy and business.  Mindful of this, the French Department in Clongowes has a long tradition of promoting the main aspects of the language, both written and oral and has achieved consistently good results in the Junior and Leaving Certificates.

The study of one European language is mandatory in the Junior Cycle and French is one of several such taught in Clongowes Wood College at Junior and Leaving Certificate levels. During Transition Year, students are encouraged to participate in the French School Exchange Programme, which involves many private French secondary schools in Paris, Reims, Toulouse, Montauban and Bordeaux.

The French Department aspires:

  • To develop over the course of the students’ time in Clongowes an awareness of and appreciation of the French language and culture, building confidence through developing proficiency in communication.
  • To develop systematically the core skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • To strive for excellence in public examinations at Junior and Leaving Certificate
  • To develop students’ critical thought in their usage of French, with particular emphasis on encouraging learner autonomy.
  • To promote the use of purposeful, appropriate and accurate French.
  • To work as a team in an effort to achieve maximum efficiency
  • To accommodate the needs of all learning styles by using a variety of methodologies in teaching.

Our teaching is informed by the awareness that we have a responsibility to care for the individual student (cura personalis), regardless of their competence, aptitude or interest in French in keeping with the principles of Ignatian pedagogy.