Career Guidance

The prime mission of the Career Guidance Department in Clongowes is to enable each individual student to reach his full potential. As an essential part of a holistic approach to Guidance Counselling, students are able to access the Guidance Counsellor whenever they wish, to discuss any matter of vocational, educational, social or personal interest. Parental involvement is encouraged and welcome at all times and parents can meet with the Guidance Counsellor to discuss any matter of interest or concern.

From an early stage students are advised on study techniques and university entry requirements and are strongly encouraged to target the leading universities at home and abroad. With the aid of the Parents’ Association, expert speakers from various career areas generously donate their time to meet with the students to impart their expert knowledge and advice to them.

Our transfer rate to university/college is approximately 95% and it is our belief that every Clongowes graduate should attain at least an honours level primary degree. With the help of ‘Old Clongownians’ we hope that an ever-increasing proportion of students will attend the leading British and U.S. Universities as well as those in Ireland.