Here at Clongowes, Art has an important role to play in the curriculum as students participate in many cross curricular activities such as set design for plays, rugby banner design and production as well as photography for school publications. It is a creative pursuit that equips the students with key skills that will be invaluable during their studies and later in whatever career path they might take.

Art helps the student to become a participator rather than a spectator and the practical component of the course promotes learning through doing. Art is one of the few subjects that nurture this side of our learning skills and, as such it helps develop in the student an informed, enquiring and discriminating attitude to his environment.

In addition to this, Art

  • Fosters a spirit of self-reliance, innovation, initiative and imagination.
  • Develops expressive, creative and artistic ability to the student’s full capacity.
  • Develops intellectual skills combined with a spirit of enquiry and the capacity to analyse issues critically and constructively.
  • Develops problem-solving, lateral thinking, reasoning, visual literacy and communication skills.
  • Equips students with technical skills such as drawing (both observational and imaginative), painting and making 3D objects.
  • Fosters an appreciation of the History of Art and contemporary design

Studying Art at Clongowes

Students must opt to study Art prior to joining the school and, from first year, they are preparing for the Junior Certificate. In Transition Year, all students pursue the Digital Photography course for a term and can choose to study Art for the Leaving Certificate.

Art Room Facilities

Opened in September 2010, the Art room is an up-to-date, spacious, well-equipped and beautifully lit area, which thus creates ideal conditions for teaching and studying the subject. The room is equipped with pottery wheels and a kiln, an etching printing press, IT equipment (including Apple desktops, laptops, iPads) and a good variety of Nikon digital cameras. As well as timetabled classes, students can pursue Art Study on selected evenings which gives them time and space to prepare projects in a more relaxed environment.