Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is a subject, which challenges students to apply their knowledge of mathematics to real world physical problems. The course is studied for two years at Leaving Certificate level and consists of ten separate topics:

  1. Motion with Uniform Acceleration
  2. Relative Velocity
  3. Projectiles
  4. Newton’s Laws
  5. Impacts and Collisions
  6. Circular Motion
  7. Statics
  8. Moments of Inertia
  9. Hydrostatics
  10. Differential Equations

Students answer questions on six of these topics in a two and a half hour exam at the end their Leaving Cert.

Students who study this subject tend to be logical thinkers, who enjoy Maths and have a good work ethic. In order to have the tools necessary to complete the course, Applied Maths requires students to be studying Higher Level Maths also.

Applied Maths is a wonderfully challenging subject that gives students the skill of solving real life problems using mathematics, which they can later apply in their chosen career. This is highly recommended for students considering a career in any area of Engineering, Science, Information Technology, Business, Finance, Architecture or Education.