Organisation and Governance

Clongowes Wood College is a Catholic voluntary secondary school. The school was founded by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1814. A Board of Management (BOM), which is representative of all the school partners manages the school. This board is elected for a three-year term and meets approximately once a month. The BOM is comprised of six representatives of the Trustee, three parent nominees and three teacher nominees.

The day-to-day management of the school is carried out by the Headmaster, Assistant Headmaster and Higher Line Prefect (Head of Boarding). An Academic Year Head takes academic responsibility for each Year Group and liaises with staff, students and parents. A team of prefects takes responsibility for the pastoral development of students and acts “in loco parentis” for the students.

Board of Management

Clongowes is owned by the Society of Jesus, in the person of the Provincial for the time being, its sole trustee. A Board of Management was appointed after due procedures and came into function in March 2002. The Board’s work is carried on according to the provisions of the ‘Constitution of Clongowes Wood College’ and what is contained in ‘Clongowes Wood College Vision Document’ (1986) and the ‘Characteristics of Jesuit Education’ (1987).


As a school, Clongowes is organised under the management of the Headmaster (HM). He is Principal in the eyes of the Department of Education and Science. He has responsibility for the entire complex and staff and is answerable to the Board of Management for all aspects of the school, academic, co-curricular, boarding and administrative.

Assistant Headmaster

The AHM is Deputy-Principal in the eyes of the Department of Education and replaces the HM when he is absent. The special demands of this role in a boarding school, as distinct from a day school, are not recognised by the Department. They are recognised by the College.

Senior Management Organisation

The senior administrative structure is comprised of the Headmaster, the Assistant Headmaster, the Director of Finance and Administration (DFA) and the Higher Line Prefect (HLP). With varying degrees of clarity, the responsibilities of the HM are delegated to one or other of these officials. There is formal delegation of academic responsibilities to the AHM, of boarding school responsibilities to the HLP and of responsibility for other aspects (finance, office administration and reception, catering, maintenance, transport &c.) to the Director of Finance and Administration. They in turn sub-delegate further responsibilities to others – the AHM to members of the teaching staff, the HLP to the other prefects and the Director of Finance and Administration to the Catering Manager and three other sub-managers, the Head Chef, the Housekeeper and the Head of Maintenance.

The HM and the other three officials together form a ‘Senior Management Group’, sharing the senior management of the school as fully as possible. This team meets regularly to make decisions concerning the overall running of the College and to ensure appropriate delegation of tasks. Each member of the team tries to take an informed and responsible interest in the particular domains of each of the others.

Pastoral Assistant

The Pastoral Assistant is charged with the maintenance and development of Ignatian ethos at Clongowes with a particular responsibility for ensuring the continuance of this ethos in the future when there may be little or no Jesuit presence remaining. The Pastoral Assistant will also work closely with the teaching and prefecting staff in particular, animating and leading them on all the issues relating to Ignatian ethos at the College. The Assistant is also required to work with all the other constituencies and groups at CWC with the same purpose and objective.

Academic Staff Organisation

The present academic staff comprises, in addition to the HM and AHM, twenty-one other full-time Department paid teachers, eleven full-time College-paid teachers, nine Prefects, a pastoral Assistant, a Coordinator of Information Technology, a College Counsellor. In addition the College provides for tutoring facilities in Music (instrumental), Spanish, Speech and Drama and Special Needs Education.