Headmaster’s Welcome

As the Headmaster of Clongowes Wood College SJ, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our website which sets out a flavour of life here, and is a useful way of keeping in touch with us.

The College’s Mission Statement speaks of educating our pupils ‘according to the best traditions and highest standards of Jesuit schooling and the values of the Gospel’ and is a succinct expression of what we are hoping to achieve in Clongowes.  Each one of our boys is valued and encouraged.  Our aim is ‘to create an open, happy, stimulating, mutually respectful community environment in which young people are able to develop the full range of their talents and abilities in a balanced, integrated and generous way’.  The Statement further stresses ‘the criterion of excellence’, which we apply to all aspects of life in the school, and our special concern ‘to foster a sense of values and a commitment to the service of others’.  We are pledged to ‘an ever-renewed faith, which actively promotes the struggle for greater justice in the world’.  Traditional values are at the heart of the College’s community which, at the same time, is forward-thinking and vibrant as we seek to meet the challenges of a changing world.

We describe our ideal profile of a Clongowes graduate as someone who is ‘open to growth, intellectually competent, socially able, culturally aware, physically developed, inspired by the values of the Gospel, flexible and adaptive, actively concerned about justice and peace, committed to striving for excellence and having a sense of belonging to the Church and its mission’.

It is a central part of my job to ensure that, working with the Trustees and the Board of Management, these ideals are realised as fully as possible in our boys, and in the life of the school community as a whole.

As the College’s first lay Headmaster, I know that I am treading where others have gone before me for over 200 years, and it is beholden upon me to be mindful of that.  I have joined the school with my wife, Eileen, and our two sons having worked in 5 schools, 3 of them as a Headmaster, in England.  My understanding and appreciation of Jesuit spirituality and of Jesuit education was nurtured during my years as the Assistant Headmaster at Mount St Mary’s College, our sister Jesuit boarding school, in the north of England.

I look forward to bringing my experience to bear in Clongowes, and ask that you support me and all who work here and pray that we may be faithful to our mission.  I hope that, if you have not previously visited, you will be tempted to come and find out more about us.

Chris Lumb, Headmaster