Alberto Hurtado Bursary Programme

As a Jesuit school, the mission of Clongowes is not only to pursue educational excellence in all its aspects, but to share it as widely as we can, ensuring that there are the fewest possible barriers to access and that Clongowes fairly reflects the socio-economic diversity and increasing multiculturalism of our country. For this reason the Board of Management of Clongowes Wood College, in accordance with The Characteristics of Jesuit Education, decided to implement the Alberto Hurtado Bursary Programme (AHP) into the school.

The programme (named in honour of a recently canonised Chilean Jesuit, who was himself a beneficiary of a scholarship in a Jesuit school) funds bursaries annually to suitable applicants. Our stated goal – that 10% of our student body would be AHP students by 2014 – has been achieved, and the first full group of bursary students who were entered in 2007 graduated from the school in the summer of 2013.

The awarding of an AHP bursary is not based on academic or sporting ability. Ours is a broad criterion to ensure that we offer this Jesuit education to students who will benefit optimally from the Clongowes boarding opportunity. Bursary students are fully integrated into College life and so all aspects of extra activities are funded or part funded. This includes items such as language exchanges, class trips and other co-curricular activities.

Transformation of the school

The Children’s Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin undertook a review of the AHP and concluded that ‘Clongowes is substantially different from other scholarship / bursary programmes of other prestigious fee-paying schools in terms of its rationale, approach and level of funding provision, and also in its desire for (AHP) transformation of the school’.

The Jesuit Community, the College Board and the management are fully committed to ensuring the success of the programme and to making it a permanent and valuable feature of life at the College. Funding for the project comes from philanthropic gifts, which have been secured from parents, alumni, the Jesuit Community, the Jesuit Province and friends of Clongowes.

Alberto Hurtado Programme Summary

If you would like to donate to the Alberto Hurtado Bursary Programme please contact:

Michelle Burke

Clongowes Wood Foundation

+353 (0) 45 902 333


How to apply for the Alberto Hurtado Programme

If you would like to discuss candidate eligibility for the AHP please email

Steven Gray

AHP Co-Ordinator