Co-curricular life

The co-curricular life of Clongowes Wood College complements the Academic and Spiritual development of each student and contributes in no small way to the overall atmosphere within the College.

Directed by over twenty-seven  members of staff, the co-curricular programme is designed to allow each student to maximise his gifts and talents in whatever area they choose. The realities of being part of and contributing to a team, learning to enjoy success and how to cope with defeat are all valuable life skills. Some students will have a natural ability in sport, and others will surprise themselves, but all are valued equally, and encouraged to enjoy their chosen activity.

This approach applies equally in the other co-curricular areas, such as Public Speaking, Drama, Singing and Photography. As educators we endeavour to have all students involved, and look forward to sharing the highs and lows with the extended Clongowes family, as they individually and collectively ‘reach for the stars’. Above all else, the priority is for students to enjoy themselves as they chop and change and find their chosen activity.

As the adults involved, we take great pride in every student and their contributions to the bigger picture. As a boarding school our games and active learning programmes are not simply squeezed in at the end of the day, but play a full part in the development of the whole person, and allow students to be ‘the best that they can be’. This approach to co-curricular life within the school plays no small part, in what makes this school, uniquely Clongowes.